We usually build our products to order. Some photos are of the only one we made and the actual piece you're purchasing. The build process may take us from 2-8 weeks to complete depending on the design. If you need the item rushed, please send us a message and confirm the build time for that piece with us. We take great pride in every piece.


The build process starts casting the design per your specific gold color and ring size. Once the cast is made, we will select each stone or diamond accordingly that will sometimes measure by the tenths of a millimeter. Our master setter will proceed to set all the stones. Beyond just having it tight, the prongs for the stones will be shaped to give it the refined look. Now the polisher will buff the gold to a high mirror finish before letting it soak in a warm ultrasonic. This helps to break down any unwanted cleaning compounds or excess materials in the set and cleaning process. A final steam and inspection is made before we package your beautiful piece. 


As many of the items are of the one we have, the listed size is shown. If you need a custom specific size, please let us know. For majority of the designs, we provide free sizing service for smaller sizes. Larger sizes depending on the design will determine by how wide the band is. 

Most rings to sized larger start from $25.00 for service, labor and added gold.  If you need a larger size for a specific ring, please message us.


We use a combination of recycled 14kt and 18kt precious metals for our jewelry and all solid. 

14kt is 585 of 999 gold.

18kt is 750 of 999 gold. 

We are able to provide it in Yellow, White and Rose Gold. We don't use lower grade metals as they are prone to allergic reactions to our body when worn. Beyond 18kt, the metal is too soft to safely keep stones securely set unless we use a thicker amount of gold. 

We also use platinum in some of our jewelry. Please feel free to ask us if you like a particular piece in Platinum, we'll be glad to provide a quote for you.

We only use solid gold. No filled or plated.

What is Solid Gold? A: The entire metal purity is gold in the form of 14kt or 18kt as noted

What is Gold Filled? A: Thin layer of gold pressed around another metal such as brass or steel. 

What is Gold Plated? A: Any Metal such as silver, brass, steel with a rhodium plating. Will wear and show it’s original metal shortly from just regular wear. 


Our gemstones and diamonds are genuine earth mined. We do use lab created stones when stated specifically in the description. All our stones are ethically sourced from suppliers whom we've worked with for over 20 plus years.


Our jewelry with gemstones will come with an Appraisal Certificate signed by myself, a graduate of GIA USA Gemological Institute.