Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Jewelry cleaning has two simple methods. A simple cleaning or a deep cleaning. 

Simple can always be done at home or with your jeweler as a quick touch up. The jeweler method is by allowing the jewelry to soak in the ultrasonic machine for a few minutes, followed by a quick brush of the ring to remove any excess on the surface of the jewelry and a quick steam. This can usually be done with your jeweler on the spot while you wait. As this is the method my parent's offered to their clients in their 30 years of operation as a complimentary service.

The at home method can be done with a soft bristle brush, such as from makeup kit or even a soft toothbrush and warm water. Run your water until the temperature is warm to the touch. Fill a cup with the water and let your jewelry sit and soak in it for approximately 5 minutes. This is to soften or break down any dirt or oils on the surface of the jewelry. Remove your jewelry and under the same temperature running water, take your soft bristle head brush and lightly scrub all around the ring to remove the dirt. Carefully try to brush the underside of the ring trying to reach under the stone if possible. This area contains most of the excess as it's hardest for us to reach. Once thoroughly cleaned, air dry the jewelry even with a blowdryer if possible at cool temp, we don't want high heat as they may affect the gemstone.

For a deep cleaning, this process is completed by your local jeweler or can be done by us as a service. Our tools includes an 3 different polishing wheels that are stages of removing the surfaces scratches on the gold to bring out a high polish finish. We then allow the jewelry to soak in the ultrasonic machine with jewelry cleaning solutions to break all the oils and dirt away. We then use a high pressure steamer that allows us to get any final dirts that may be on the underside of the gems hard to reach by our tools. This method gives your jewelry a as new again clean as close as possible to the day you first received your piece.